Superman 2


Superman: The Chase Game is a casino game that offers you a chance to step into the role of Superman and rescue the world from evil. The object of the game is to spin all the reels while hitting symbols on the payline. The game provides you with the opportunity to play several different exciting features, such as Free Games, Bonuses, and Hash Tables. You can use your own money in the game to buy cards or wagers, or you can use real money from any of many online casinos to purchase chips, real money jackpots, and other prizes.

If you are trying to decide how you want to play this great casino game, you will probably be pleased to know that you will have many chances to win a big jackpot. The official word on how much the grand jackpot will be is one million dollars, but that is a very conservative estimate. No one knows for sure how much the jackpot is until it has been doubled. So, no matter how large your bankroll, you should have no problem becoming the owner of this fabulous jackpot.

You will also have an opportunity to choose between receiving a regular payout or a combination of payouts. The frequency with which you will receive payouts will depend on the total number of symbol combinations you strike during game play. If you happen to miss a single symbol, however, you will not receive any bonuses or payouts. Even if you strike every symbol the game will not deduct any winnings from your bankroll.

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