Million coins respin

Million Coins Respin Slot is an exceptional slot machine that offers a progressive jackpot of $1 million. While this casino slot machine does not contain any instant spins there is still something novel and enticing to discover. Million Coins Respin features a total of twenty fixed paylines arranged in the traditional five reel pattern with also the classic “B” layout. What sets this machine apart from all others is the fact that each line corresponds to a distinct payout range which has been pre-programmed into the machine through the manufacturer. This means that every time someone plays on this slot machine, a new payout range will be generated.

The special symbols that are used to represent the millions symbol on this machine are located on two different paylines. On the lower paying there are symbols that represent either a “million” or “celebration” while on the higher payout line there are symbols representing “million coins per payline”. These symbols change colors as the symbol’s value increases, which means that as the saline improves, so do the colors. In addition to the change in colors, a graphic overlay of an X appears on the screen which is the machine’s unique sign.

The Million Coins Respin slot machine is located in the casino’s fruit machine section. One play through of this machine will entitle the player to a free spin on one of the slots, which will award one million coins. There are also a number of bonus options on this slot machine that are worth a lot of money. One such option is the “reload” which gives the player fourteen free spins on the machine. You can also purchase up to two hundred and fifty thousand points for this slot.

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