Lucha legends


Lucha Legends is among the top slot games released at that time of year. It represents a Mexican folk wrestling culture (also called Lucha libre). And, it has the best “feel” when you are looking for a casino game that both you and your group will enjoy – even those who are new to playing slot machines!

The basic rule of this slot machine game is that there are 5 rounds of 5 coins each. Each round has a different set of rules. In Normal mode, there are no reels. For example, in the third round, there is only a standard coin value to count on. The player earns bonus rounds each time they hit a combination of three coins. And, there are also free spins during each of the five rounds.

This unique feature of Lucha Legends makes it an exciting casino slot machine game to play even if you don’t normally like playing “lottery” type games. This version of luchadore is based on real life matches that the characters from Luchadore have actually been involved with. So, you actually have a reason to be really excited about winning these free bonus rounds, instead of just wishing for luck. That alone should be enough to make this version of the Lucha Legends slot machine a winner!

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