Arctic magic


Arctic Magic is an easy-to-learn casino game with smooth gameplay and simple, clean rules, which make it perfect for beginners looking for an easy, yet still, a very entertaining slot machine that looks absolutely gorgeous and is well-made. Slotted onto a standard five-reel casino game grid, Arctic Magic has nine fully mechanical pay-lines on each Spin, with the exception of a single vertical line in between them. Each Spin begins with the familiar spinning wheel sequence, but the action changes as you move further right or left, and the game can be finished in just a few short seconds with a win.

The base game of this highly addictive slot machine is quite simple to push the button, spin the reels, and get your money back. From there, the player can choose any number of symbols from an impressive array of snowflakes and stars on the reels, and complete sets of up to nine pay lines. Some of the symbols are used more frequently than others, and all of them create different patterns that result in the nine main lines of the arctic magic snowflake. These lines, which run across the entire game board, can be copied and pasted from one reel to the next to create entirely new line setups so that you can easily move from one snowflake to the next and continue the game.

In addition to the main game itself, this machine offers several other modes of play that can change its challenge and rewards considerably. There is the Wild West bonus, which presents players with a set of wild cards and a bonus reel that they can use to collect additional icons and payouts. There is also the free-spinning mode, which presents players with a single wild card and a small number of coins that they can use to collect payouts. There are also a couple of other minor modes, including the ability to spin the reels at random for one point and another that allow you to replace a card without using a coin. While the Wild West and free spin modes are only offered as bonuses, they can really make this machine worth the buy. While the smaller multipliers aren’t much of a help, the other modes present a nice return on the initial price.

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