Data recovery

Accidentally wiped your drive? - In most cases we can recover your data!


Discover how controlling, automating and managing interface data / batch update processes can significantly reduce costs, increase success rates and improve recovery times whilst minimizing business and personal risk.

Discover how other organisations are addressing the increasing demand for inter-application data update processing, to deliver fully integrated solutions across an ever greater number of disparate systems, operating systems, applications, departments and locations.

Primary functionality includes:

  • Automated capture, transport and processing of interface / batch update files
  • Verification of validity, content and timely delivery
  • Ability to schedule multiple steps with inter-dependencies
  • Generate alerts against multiple thresholds including time, content validity, successful completion
  • Create a central data repository for all updates with unique file identification and status for backup or re-processing
  • Central traffic light console and managed alerts for simple overview and management

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